Internships are structured learning activities aligned to specific objectives and competencies within the program of study. Internships are conducted in a supervised work setting external to the institution. Placement is based on worksite availability, worksite affiliation requirements, and student performance in the program of study.

In order to request an internship, students must be recommended by their instructor. Once students receive instructor approval, they will need to submit an Internship Application and a resume to the Internship Coordinator. This application will be reviewed by the Internship Committee. After review, the student will be notified if they have been approved for an internship. The total number of internship hours vary by program and are determined by the program instructor, the Internship Coordinator, and the worksite supervisor. The Internship Coordinator oversees all internships and works closely with the program instructor, the worksite supervisor, and the student throughout the internship to ensure compliance with all internship and program requirements.

Students who request an internship may be required to have a drug screening and background check before and after placement at a worksite.

All student worksite internships for programs will operate under the policies of Locklin Technical College and the approved affiliation agreement between the worksite and the SRCSD.

Kristi Ford – Internship/Apprenticeship Coordinator

850.9833.5700, Ext. 228

[email protected]