Full-time counselors and career specialists are available to assist students in making informed choices. Guidance and counseling activities include, but are not limited to; orientation, career advisement, internship, placement, disability services, employment trends, exceptional student counseling, financial aid, job opportunities, academic counseling, occupational counseling, personal counseling, registration, student records, transcripts, and veterans’ information.


Specialized services and counseling are provided by trained Exceptional Student Education staff for any student who identifies as having a disability or needing additional services while enrolled at Locklin Technical College.


Student Retention Plan

Student Placement & Follow-up Services

Media Services Plan

Pam Boutwell – Financial Aid Counselor/VA Specialist

850.983.5700, Ext. 1269

[email protected]

Jenny Ashford – Guidance Counselor

850.983.5700, Ext. 1224

[email protected]

Katie Predmore – Guidance Counselor

850.983.5700, Ext. 1268

[email protected]