Full-time counselors and career specialists are available to assist students in making informed choices. Guidance and counseling activities include, but are not limited to; orientation, career advisement, internship, placement, disability services, employment trends, exceptional student counseling, financial aid, job opportunities, academic counseling, occupational counseling, personal counseling, registration, student records, transcripts, and veterans’ information.


Specialized services and counseling are provided by trained Exceptional Student Education staff for any student who identifies as having a disability or needing additional services while enrolled at Locklin Technical College.


Locklin Technical College instructors, counselors, and career specialist work collaboratively to reduce barriers to student success and completion. Grades and attendance are monitored regularly during enrollment in the course by the instructor and student. Learning plans are adjusted as needed to support student success. Budgetary resources include scholarships awarded to retain students when other financial sources may not be available.  Students are encouraged to complete the application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Major activities include counseling students and scholarship opportunities and completion of the Council on Occupations Education Annual Report. The Student Retention Plan is evaluated by the student services staff yearly and is a topic of discussion with stakeholders in Occupational Advisory meetings.


Locklin Technical College’s Placement and Follow-up Plan provides administration, faculty and staff the information necessary to assist full and partial program completers. It is our goal to assist in placing student program completers (or those leaving with marketable skills prior to program completion) in jobs in the field for which they trained. Locklin Tech’s Career Specialist coordinates placement and follow-up activities. Prior to completing a program, students complete an exit interview with the Career Specialist.  The purpose of this interview is to allow students the opportunity to prepare a resume and to practice interviewing techniques.  The Career Specialist will use this opportunity to counsel with students on their interview strengths and weaknesses.

Locklin Technical College’s program instructors and student services staff work together to collect and maintain all relevant student placement and follow up information on a regular basis. Student follow-up information is continually collected and updated after program completion under the guidance of the Career Specialist. The Career Specialist is responsible for compiling and completing the COE Annual CPL report and the Florida Education Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) report each year which requires student level completion, placement and student achievement data such as OCP’s earned, Industry certifications earned, licensure exam passage information.

Placement and follow-up are important aspects of data collection at Locklin Technical College. All instructors share the responsibility of assisting students to secure employment upon completion and long term. Placement assistance is available for all students while enrolled, upon completing and after completing to ensure that students have continuous access to available job opportunities in the region.

These opportunities flow to the Career Specialist from a variety of sources including the instructor, other staff members, outside employment placement services as well as current and potential business and industry partners who have information about employment opportunities. Successful student placement depends upon the communication and cooperation of all stakeholders.

The Career Specialist works with faculty, advisory committee members, business and industry and other members of the community to assist in placing students into gainful employment. Instructors play a key role in helping the Career Specialist verify all placement and follow up student data to ensure accurate reporting to all agencies. Locklin Technical College administration supports the Career Specialist and the program instructors to ensure that all procedures involving placement and follow-up are implemented. There are no budgetary needs for student placement or follow-up.



Pam Boutwell – Financial Aid Counselor/VA Specialist

850.983.5700, Ext. 211

[email protected]

Jenny Ashford – Guidance Counselor

850.983.5700, Ext. 293

[email protected]

Katie Predmore – Guidance Counselor

850.983.5700, Ext. 213

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