Image of an HVAC Apprenticeship Student
Testimonial 2

Nathan is driven by the desire to help others in need. Spending time with family and friends is also important to Nathan. Working at Baptist Healthcare while also enrolled in Locklin Technical College’s HVAC Apprenticeship program gives him the opportunity to serve others during the day while also securing a bright future for his loved ones. “I wouldn’t trade being a dad, I love my wife and kids. I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn new trades and skills to provide for my family.”

Testimonial 1

Tyler was able to complete the Practical Nursing program at Locklin Technical College after graduating from Milton High School. Using his drive for excellence, Tyler utilized his nursing certification to go straight to work as an LPN with the Florida Department of Health. He enjoys working with his coworkers and loves being able to make a difference in his local community. “I intend on using my LPN certification to accelerate my studies as I apply to an RN program in the fall of 2021.”