High School Students

High School Student Options

The Dual Enrollment program is available to eligible high school or home education students; with post-secondary courses creditable toward high school completion and/or a career certificate. Dual enrollment is open on a part-time basis to all eligible high school student and based on space availability to find out more information or apply, please contact your high school guidance counselor.

Click here for a link to all eligible programs.

To be eligible for any Dual Enrollment program students must be entering the 11th or 12th grade, have a least a minimum 2.0 unweighted GPA, be on track for high school graduation, and meet the basic skills requirement for the program of interest. Students who meet eligibility criteria may be denied initial or continued enrollment if the student is considered disruptive to the learning process such that the progress of other students or the efficient administration of the course is hindered. Additionally, students projected to graduate from high school before the scheduled completion date of a post-secondary course may not register for that course through Dual Enrollment.

High school application and registration information for the 2021/2022 school year will be available soon.

Completion of a Dual Enrolled course is based on successful completion of program curriculum and performance standards. Students must earn a grade of 70% or higher to receive course and/or program credit and for continued enrollment in the course. The grade received is weighted the same as any other weighted class, such as advanced placement (AP) and honors.

Specific schedules will depend on the students’ credit needs and class availability within the high school’s schedule. Depending on that schedule, students will either attend Locklin Technical College in the morning and their high school in the afternoon or vice versa. Classes meet Monday through Friday.

Tuition, textbooks, uniforms, tools, or equipment required for some courses. Tuition and fees are waived for Dual Enrollment students. Transportation to and from Locklin Technical College will be provided within the established transportation system routes and boundaries. However, due to the program requirements related to clinical hours of instruction in the Pre-Nursing program, students from Navarre and Gulf Breeze High Schools must provide their own transportation to and from the college. Home education students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Locklin Tech.

For more information on the Career Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement, please click the following link: CTE Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement.

Scholarships for High School Seniors
Locklin Technical College Scholarship applications for high school seniors are available in Student Services or at the following links: Parent Letter & Scholarship Application.


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